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Moving beyond the conventional

We are fundamentally endowed with the responsibility to invest in companies which are promising enough, and ones which inherit adequate potential to change the future. Working across the artificial intelligence value chain, from hardware and data infrastructure to industrial applications, our investments are aimed at driving growth, innovation, leading to better-informed business decisions. To take a prudent decision with our investment, we look for companies that integrate AI-technologies, showcase unique abilities, and are growth-drivers.

Expanding our portfolio in AI-driven investments

An active venture capital firm in Europe, Boundary Holding helps technology-driven entrepreneurs and startups through capital investment, access to an international web of networks, and with its experience in building businesses. We serve as a bridge fund, between stages, and provide the fund required to create seamless cash flow, and help build global businesses of the future for AI startup. With our strategic support to startups across the globe, we foster the development of new technological businesses.


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